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Ready to transform your business with a Cloud Voice solution powered by Wildix?

Say goodbye to your old phones and hello to a streamlined and efficient system enabling your team to stay seamlessly connected with your customers and prospects, from anywhere and on any device they choose.

In today’s highly competitive market, it’s crucial to empower your team with the modern communication device they need.

At Telexperts, we are a one-stop shop where we provide all the professional support required to make this important transformation in your business.

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Telexperts Cloud Voice Differentiated Value

More Business

Boost company sales via the web

Wildix allows web visitors to call you, text, video chat, share documents, and more directly from your website. WebRTC Kite integrates your PBX with your website – you’ll never miss a call.

More Efficiency

Reduce time spent on daily operations

Wildix provides a single web-based interface to handle all your communications, on your desktop or the Wildix App, to improved efficiency, increase mobility, and streamline operations.

More Security

Total protection by design

Wildix is secure-by-design: no need for SBCs, VPNs, or additional applications. Voice and data are always protected thank to the native encryption system.

Your employees can save up to 25% of their time spent on daily communication tasks (2 hours per employee per day). You can reduce time-wasting activities and focus on sales and other tasks that increase your company’s revenue.

Benefits of choosing Cloud Voice

  • The first WebRTC unified communications platform
  • Purely browser-based chat, audio, video, desktop sharing collaboration
  • No contract required
  • Guaranteed fixed monthly cost
  • Mobile apps let you take your work anywhere
  • One low monthly user fee includes local and long distance calling
  • No servers or software to monitor and upgrade
  • Up to 10 devices for each license

Smart and Remote Working Solution

Wildix is the perfect solution for smart working and remote working because it offers a complete set of features (chat, audio call, desktop sharing, video conferencing, webinar capabilities, desk phones) while keeping them all simple to use.

Webinar & Video Conference

The professional yet easy-to-use video conferencing solution for sales and customer service in any space. Use it from your smartphone, laptop or tablet, or in a conference room thanks to the proprietary hardware.

Make meeting remotely as easy as meeting in person: fast, convenient and entirely through the browser. No downloads, no installations, no updates — with Wizyconf, cloud-based video conferencing is the robust solution your company needs it to be.

Switch to the web-based video conferencing solution that provides:


Keep every video call safe and confidential with direct, peer-to-peer connections with built-in encryption.


Meet colleagues or external guests with just a click, no downloads required.


Join conferences instantly from any device — including desktop, Android, iOS and more — right from your browser or a mobile app.