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Network & Communications Audit

At Telexperts we believe that your communications system is the lifeblood of your business. Every day, clients, prospects and partners call your company to discuss new opportunities, address customer service issues and interact with your business. They rely on the ability to connect with the right person at the right time.

That’s why at Telexperts, every business communications upgrade starts with a communications audit. In order to provide a first class, custom tailored technology solution for your business, we feel it is critical to perform a detailed audit and evaluation of any services and costs that relate to your existing business communications.

Typically, the first step is to perform a Toll Fraud Audit. In the last five years toll fraud has become a major issue that has cost companies of all sizes millions of dollars. For those unfamiliar, toll fraud refers to the theft of long distance services. Our assessment will review the vulnerability of your existing system and provide options for immediate toll fraud protection as well as policies to minimize the chances of any future attacks.

Our next step will be to evaluate all of the services currently being used by your company and the functionality of your network. Generally, this includes evaluating your dial tone, internet connection, conferencing capabilities and cellular usage. We will also review any existing contracts and analyze available options/bundles to determine if there are any excess or unused services that can be cancelled or re-allocated. Our results findings will allow us to provide options from all the major carriers and determine which vendors offer the best product for each required service. Lastly, we will look into any service agreements that may have been auto-renewed or are potentially obsolete based on current market pricing and technology options. Once determined, we can assist with re-negotiating or cancelling these dated contracts.

Once we have completed a services audit we will determine if a new voice or VOIP solution is viable for your business. In most cases our clients are able to leverage the savings from reconfigured services and apply it towards the implementation of a new modern voice solution which typically enhances all facets of communications, customer service and sales.

The Telexperts key advantage is that we can bring our clients the best product fit from the best suppliers without any obligation or bias towards any particular vendor. We believe you should always have the best in class for any service or product you require. Currently, the different vendors of dial tone, internet, cellular and conferencing all have niche markets but none are ideal for all sizes of customers. That’s where we can help – we’ll do all the leg work and recommend only the services that best suit our clients’ needs.

Over the last 30 years we’ve helped thousands of customers optimize their communication costs and recover millions of dollars in savings. Call today to learn how a Telexperts communication audit will give you the peace of mind you deserve and ultimately a solution you can afford.

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