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Unified Communications

At Telexperts we believe Unified Communications is far more than just an integration of multiple communication devices and various applications. UC is not just another technology acronym. UC is about freedom, simplicity and excellence. UC means not wasting time searching and listening to messages in multiple mailboxes. UC means you can work wherever you want and never miss a call or message. UC means you no longer feel stressed because you’re not at your desk. UC is about working and communicating efficiently, collaboratively and seamlessly.

Wouldn’t your business be better if you could always transfer a call to the most qualified person, regardless of where they are? Do you really need 3 different phone numbers? We believe UC is far and away the best competitive advantage available for businesses over the last twenty years. UC in its multiple forms is an option for every sized company from small retail stores to large multi-national enterprises.

At Telexperts, we specialize in developing and implementing a custom UC solution tailored for your business and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Our philosophy is that if technology isn’t enhancing your business and simplifying your life, then it is both a waste of money and poorly deployed.

We also understand the benefit of slowly migrating from a tried and tested phone system that has functioned for many years to a new IP solution. That’s why we manage all stages of migration from planning through to implementation and training, ensuring that each new application is thoroughly utilized and accepted by all users. We also appreciate that a blanket technology solution isn’t necessarily effective for everyone so we only provide solutions that can be uniquely configured to satisfy each different user’s requirements in every organization. Furthermore, we strongly believe that you shouldn’t spend a single dollar on any hardware, software or functionality that will not provide a benefit to your business. We respect the fact that your money is hard earned and that you need to be mindful and diligent with how it is spent.

At Telexperts we all understand how difficult running a business actually is and we appreciate that every decision matters. That’s why our commitment to you is to deploy a Unified Communications Solution that is a seamless and stress free endeavor. Our world class team of professionals will manage every facet of your transition and guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way. With almost 30 years experience and thousands of installations, our goal is always to implement technology solutions that will help make your company better.