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Dan Debreuil, OfficeSmarts

In early 2019, the old digital telephone system at Officesmarts was no longer adequate for managing a growing team of 10 employees. As a small company, incorporating a multi-functional yet affordable telecommunication system seemed impossible. The only available solutions were off-the-shelf offers from large telephone companies, and they were often complicated, inflexible, and costly for a company of this size.

After extensive research, Mary-Jane and Dan found Telexperts and their VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communication solutions. As Mary-Jane and Dan learned more about VoIP and unified communication systems, they were impressed that Telexperts employed both professional IT and voice service departments.

“Having the ability to instantly connect with staff members and clients through our cloud-based phone system saved our company during the pandemic.”

In the autumn of 2019, the staff at OfficeSmarts were happy with the new telephone system that was easy to use and functional. Direct lines to each employee and a simplified caller attendant gave their business a modern and professional upgrade when clients called their office. Telexperts also trained the OfficeSmarts team and provided hands-on support for any learning curves or questions their team had when starting up.

When the pandemic started in 2020, the Officesmarts team realized the incredible value of the cloud-based phone system and its many features. The app allowed the OfficeSmarts team to instantly connect with each other by phone, computer, or tablet – via chat, phone call, or video conference. Dan says he doesn’t know how the team would function without the ability to download and share large files in the chat feature. In the past few years, most of the staff at OfficeSmarts have been working effectively from their homes. The video conference features are incredibly convenient for meeting with clients.

As we learned more about VoIP and cloud-based communications systems, we learned how call quality could be a problem when using VoIP. The pros at Telexperts explained how vital the office network was to ensure excellent call quality. Telexperts had the professional capability to set up our network and were available to iron out any wrinkles from the onset.

Today, whenever we have a problem with a computer or a phone, all we have to do is submit a service request on the Telexperts website, and viola, it gets taken care of.

Dan Debreuil