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La Salle Insurance

Tamara Dotoli, La Salle Insurance & Travel Services Ltd.

La Salle Insurance & Travel Services Ltd. has been a trustworthy name for Manitobans in the La Salle and Winnipeg area since 1977. They provide automobile insurance services and insurance products for people and businesses. In 2000 they added travel agency services to their portfolio.

Adding the travel agency services was a natural step for them as their reputation grew for having legendary customer service. With the addition of services, there was an expansion of locations as they moved from a single office in Winnipeg to a second location in the town of La Salle. Today they have six branches across the city of Winnipeg. Growth for any organization provides some challenges in communication, both externally and internally. Tamara Dotoli wanted to find a solution to help her team communicate with each other between branches while providing continuous and consistent service to their customers.

In 2021 Telexperts introduced their Cloud solution from Wildix. “It was an easy decision to make the change.” says Tamara, and “the transition was smooth and has changed how we operate our business.”

Their staff can work at any office, from home, or anywhere their mobile device works. They now have multiple communication features to continue providing the high standard of service they are known for having. The Wildix Cloud solution allows them to re-route calls on the fly and transfer them to any user regardless of where they are.

Telexperts’ cost-per-user model was able to give La Salle Insurance a personalized plan that was cost-effective. Previously they had six systems with six phone bills, costing them thousands of dollars a month. Now, it is covered in one affordable bill and offers superior features to the old system. The automatic upgrades at night keep the system current, providing a stress-free workday.

Video conferencing has been an excellent tool for their team to personalize calls and meetings with their clients. Sharing documents while reviewing insurance policies and quotes through video conferencing creates a friendly atmosphere and strengthens customer relationships. It is more personal than a phone call, and having a client’s undivided attention makes it significantly easier to clarify the complexities and requirements associated with insurance.

Although our old Mitel phones from Telexperts were reliable, it was difficult to have stand-alone systems with limited functionality in every office. We needed a solution that would allow us to manage all our communications on one platform.

All offices and users are effortlessly connected, and it now feels like we are all under the same roof.

We love our partnership with Telexperts and find all their staff so friendly, knowledgeable and easy to deal with!

Tamara Dotoli