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Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Polo Park

Canadian Tire is one of Canada’s most recognizable brands, with stores from coast to coast. Warren Pariseau is the owner-operator of the Canadian Tire Polo Park location, one of the largest volume stores in Manitoba.

Covering an area of 60,000 square feet, the store employs 170 staff members and has an offsite warehouse to accommodate its vast inventory. The outdated phone system could not meet the store’s and employees’ communication needs, prompting Warren Pariseau to recognize the need for an upgrade. The obsolete phone system was no longer in production, and their IT support was located in Vancouver, which caused complications when problems arose.

Warren extensively searched for a new phone system and network for Canadian Tire’s Polo Park branch and ultimately selected Telexperts. He was drawn to the all-in-one solution and the fact that it was a local business. Telexperts’ VoIP and IT divisions collaborated seamlessly to deliver a superior network and a high-quality Mitel VoIP phone system with wireless handsets for all the staff members on the move.

“Choosing a local provider ensures that our system and network are looked after in real-time. There are no delays due to time zone differences when issues arise, and any network problems are swiftly resolved.”
Warren Pariseau

Telexperts performed the engineering, cabling, and installation of wireless access points throughout the Canadian Tire Polo Park location to ensure comprehensive coverage. They also integrated the older scanners with the new phone system, making communication accessible and straightforward throughout the store.

Telexperts took care
of everything, including managing our previous vendors, re-negotiating our telco contracts, and collaborating with Canadian Tire’s corporate team to ensure all network protocols were followed.

As a result, we now have a state-of-the-art phone system and network that is quicker, more secure, and hassle-free.

Warren Pariseau
Canadian Tire Polo Park