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Activate Games

Megan Schmidt, Activate Games

Activate Games is an entertainment company that combines interactive gaming and physical activity to create a unique and immersive experience. Their arcade-style games require participants to climb, jump, and dodge obstacles to complete a level, providing a way to stay active while having fun with friends. The company was established in 2019 and has been steadily growing in Canada and gaining popularity throughout North America. Today, they have seven locations across Canada and continue to expand into the United States.

Prior to adopting Telexperts’ cloud-based communication system for their phones, they utilized a google cloud system alongside other single-line solutions. This resulted in limited functionality, poor call quality, and frequent dropped calls. Additionally, setting up communication for new locations was time-consuming and involved different systems, suppliers, and telcos for each store. They knew there had to be a more straightforward solution for their telecommunication system.

“Working with Telexperts Wildix system has allowed us to focus on our business and not worry about the phone systems.”
Megan Schmidt

After testing Telexperts’ cloud-based communication system, they were impressed with its performance and features. Activate Games replaced eight different systems with six suppliers for one system with one vendor – Telexperts. It’s working so well that they are expanding their customer service call center in Winnipeg to attend to issues from any store within the network.

The new Wildix solution has transformed their communication system and is implemented across all their stores in Canada. The installations have been quick and flawless, with each store being pre-designed and programmed, requiring only a phone network connection to get started. Every location has a Dect cordless phone allowing full mobility within the building.

All the stores now have implemented the auto attendant feature, which has simplified their employees’ workday. The customer service is integrated with a local call center, which overflows to their office in Winnipeg. With this affordable communication solution, the company can easily expand into new markets, using a cookie-cutter approach to set up its communication system in each location.

Installing the product is straightforward as Telexperts handles all the programming.

The hardware is delivered to us, and we connect it to the network when setting up a new store. They have a fully-functioning IT department that can instantly troubleshoot any problems if
it occurs.

Robert Gamble

Activate Games

Installation Lead