Everything A Business Owner Needs to Know About Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and its Rising Demand within Small Businesses

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Modern communication is changing, and VOIP is becoming a popular method for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can benefit significantly from unified communication systems that utilize VOIP.

VOIP improves the management of phone calls and messaging by over 60% than regular telecommunication devices.


Voice Over Internet Protocol reduces monthly expenses when compared to traditional landline communication. Businesses can save up to 75% on communication expenses when switching to VOIP. Unlike conventional telephone costs and hidden long-distance fees, VOIP utilizes the internet to send and receive messages. Companies that switch to VOIP systems are estimated to save $1,200 per month when thirty employees use it. Businesses who regularly utilize teleconferencing save up to 30% of expenses when using some form of voice over internet service. VOIP not only saves money but allows the additional savings from reduced telecommunication costs to go towards something meaningful for your business.

Why is VOIP becoming a popular demand in business communication?

One major driving force for its growth is the Bring-Your-Own-Device feature. There are no longer specific communication devices required to switch systems. Businesses can use their current communication means, such as personal phones, messaging, computers and laptops. Companies can transition smoothly between their old communication system and VOIP systems with little down-time.

Global Scale

The push for updated communication systems is evident when looking at the global statistics on VOIP subscriptions. Corporate VOIP subscriptions are estimated to reach 204.8 billion in 2020. The widespread popularity is growing thanks to the bring-your-own-device approach and the flexibility it provides its users. VOIP can accommodate calls, messaging, and video conferencing from anywhere, allowing business productivity to increase by 20%. Phone calls can transfer to personal mobile phones or computer devices. That way, company phones aren’t limited to a desk or server. With remote access, communication between clients and colleagues is done with ease and is not reliant on emails and missed voicemail.

VOIP: A Trend or Lasting Business Resource?

VOIP has been a trending topic in the business industry for the last few years, but will this trend last? Statistics show that VOIP had one billion mobile users in 2017, and this number is estimated to triple by the year 2021. VOIP is dominating the telecommunication industry and is becoming a global player for businesses. The rise in popularity for internet-based communication is because of the benefits it provides to the user. VOIP offers several advantages: low monthly expenses, increased productivity, and remote connectivity to your business.

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