Does a successful business require an office?

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Owners and managers are contemplating if having their team in a single place is necessary for a business to thrive. No doubt, recent global events, and the limitations they produced, forced thousands of companies to become more open to employees working from home.

Working from home is not a recent development!

In the last twenty-five years, skilled workers who place a high value on balancing work and life have driven fundamental changes in the office and workplace. One of the most popular changes has been the need to be able to work from home on a part-time or full-time basis. Workers have demanded more flexible working hours, including the ability to connect to their work on more devices than just a desktop computer. The older generation in the workplace are willing to continue their employment as long as they can continue on a part-time basis and often from remote locations such as the summer cottage or winter vacation home. Access to the experience of the senior employees, even on a part-time basis and employing strategies to retain them, has paid off for many businesses as they undergo the transfer of power to a younger workforce.

Can we let more of our employees work from home? What needs to happen before this can become a reality?

Most business owners, when asked, have two significant concerns:

1. Connectivity

Business owners and managers are most concerned about their team’s ability to communicate effectively with each other and with clients and business partners alike. Instant access to colleagues and clients is essential for every business. Whether from a smartphone, landline, or computer, there needs to be an unfailing connection to other users. A reliable connection that doesn’t drop and remains crystal clear is essential for productivity when working from remote locations.

2. Accountability

Making sure staff are working productively when not being monitored.

The good news is that unified communication technology via a cloud has enabled us to access all forms of communication from a single device instantly. The freedom of remote accessibility through a unified communications system, allows the office to be anywhere there is an internet connection. It empowers employees to instantly message, call, or video conference with a colleague through a single device.

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