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Revolutionize the way you think about office communication!

A cloud-based unified communications system consistently connects your staff and clients through VoIP. What is VoIP? It’s an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it allows users to make phone calls over the internet on any device. This technology enables users to work from anywhere and enjoy the most advanced features from any device! Are you struggling to find an efficient way for your team to work from home? With today’s technology, old landlines and dated phone systems are no longer sufficient to give your business the tools to survive. That’s why we’ve developed a unified communications system.

What is a unified communications system?

It is a system that provides remote accessibility, instant messaging, video conferencing, cellular integration, and call recording all through one device. It will save time and money by enabling you to work wherever you have internet or data access. Think of this system as the tool that connects all your different communication services to a single device.

The benefits of this system are extensive!

  • Inbound calls are transferred directly to available staff wherever they are
  • Connect to the cloud instantly via your desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, iPad, and more
  • Empower your team to work effectively from home
  • Monitor staff’s availability and productivity
  • On-demand video/teleconferencing

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Pitfalls of internet-based systems in the past have been frequent software updates and multiple servers required for different applications. Overall, it was challenging to navigate.

How does our system work around those issues?

With our cloud-based UC solution software – upgrades, patches and new functionality are automatically uploaded without any downtime or costs. The updates are efficient and will allow you to continue working without delay. Your system will always be current, and those surprise costs for breakdowns, add-ons and long-distance are a thing of the past.

“We’re here to help you stay connected.”

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