Why the Cloud?

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I want to introduce you to the Phone cloud – it will do for your business what Netflix has done for TV, Amazon for shopping, and VRBO for renting hotels. But before I talk about the future, I want to give you some history and mine goes back to the fax ages… Actually, even further. Believe or not I started with Telex machines …. The 3M Whisper Writer, Google it and you can see what I mean.

In 34 years, I’ve seen many changes. The technology went from analog to electronic and then quickly to digital. Things were relatively stable for 5 or 6 years until the early 2000’s and then before you knew it, IP technology arrived.

The transition to IP was gradual and most systems and manufacturers had migration programs to ease the pain. The new buzz word became VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and the truth is most people still have no idea what it means. Some people thought it was internet calling, others thought it was Vonage and some even thought it would eliminate phone systems and long distance all together

The reality is VoIP just means that voice traffic now moves from point A to point B the same way data does. (In packages consisting of ones and zeros) It is as simple as that.

VoIP’s primary advantages were the ability to seamlessly connect multiple offices and allow users to work remotely. Over the next 10 years, collaboration became the new buzz word. Collaboration allows users to more effectively communicate to all the people who weren’t located in the same office. You would know who is available for a call or chat regardless of where they were. The next biggest enhancement was desktop sharing and video conferencing for users, with essentially no extra costs.

As good as all these new features were, the drawbacks were significant. Software upgrades were frequent and would take your system down, multiple servers were required for different applications and often things just weren’t easy. Manufactures have been dropping like flies, struggling to keep up and user’s adoption of Unified Communications (UC) has been minimal.

For the last 3 or 4 years moving to the cloud has become the talk of telecom business. As an industry leader we have been carefully planning our strategy, as we are convinced that the cloud is here to stay. It is now good enough and properly priced so that every business will have compelling reasons to consider the move.

Today, if your clients and staff can’t communicate the way they want, they likely won’t be your employees or clients much longer. Voice, chat and SMS are no longer just what kids are doing… It’s what your customers are doing. The cloud will change business communications more in the next 5 years than anything that has happened in the previous 50. Imagine Nortel, Toshiba Avaya, and Samsung are all dead!

You must seriously consider a cloud solution for your business or you too may join the Walking Dead.

Our journey to the cloud has taken us through many different companies, offerings and options and after an exhaustive endeavour we have truly found the best solution. The Telexperts Cloud, powered by Wildix, is for everyone. With Wildix revolutionary WebRTC software, every feature you have ever dreamed of is now available for your business. Work where ever you want, talk on whatever device you choose and instantly connect via voice, chat, text or video with anyone you want. You will never be obsolete, out of service, down for upgrades or wishing your system did more. And best of all, Wildix software WORKS! The first great piece of technology that offers everything and is truly simple to use.

Although I may have been somewhat hesitant to move to the cloud, I feel the future is as clear as day and the cloud is here to stay.

The experts agree and the carnage of the some of the industries oldest, biggest players make it clear that every business needs to explore if the cloud is right for them.

For the past 34 years I have seen a lot of changes, some good and certainly some not so good, but this one I will be betting on. No, not through an online betting service… but with all our staff, resources and customers. The Telexperts Cloud and our managed services will be how we continue to serve our customers and bring true value to their business.

So get your head into the cloud!

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